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    For most consumers, financing is necessary to purchase a new vehicle. Our knowledge and expertise will allow you to realize your goals without exceeding your budget.

    Rejected credit files are mostly denied because financing agents are not investing the time required to qualify them. With our personalized credit department, you will enjoy the best FIRST, SECOND and THIRD CHANCE CREDIT in the industry! At United Auto, no case is denied! We will adjust your monthly payment on a longer term to give you the flexibility of a smaller monthly payment. After two years of completed payments, you will be able to refinance your vehicle at a reduced interest rate or purchase another car. Generally, your credit is fully restored in the second or third year following your purchase.

    We make it fast and simple at United Auto! Fill out our secure online credit application without further delay, and one of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

    United Auto is your ultimate reference for FIRST, SECOND and THIRD CHANCE CREDIT!